Our mission

Social Capital’s mission is to build the future. We do this by identifying emerging technology trends, partnering with entrepreneurs that are trying to solve some of the world's hardest problems and help them build substantial commercial and economic outcomes. Our returns have placed us among the top technology investors in the world and act as a signal that we have generally been on the right track. Looking forward, we believe the next decade of technology innovation will create multiple $10T markets. From deep tech, where recent advances in frontier technologies can now be commercialized into sustainable businesses, to life sciences where drug discovery is moving out of the realm of PhDs and chemists into the hands of computer scientists, to the global energy transition where the world’s need for sustainable energy will drive a new waves of innovation, to the creator economy where media and distribution are being disrupted and atomized.

Our story

Social Capital was founded in 2011 by Chamath Palihapitiya. Prior to starting Social Capital, Chamath served as an early member of Facebook's senior-most executive team and led the development and launch of new platforms that drove their global growth. Prior to Facebook, Chamath held leading roles at The Mayfield Fund, AOL and Winamp.

Media Assets


Any opinions in the above are Social Capital's views only. None of the above is investment advice, a recommendation or an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities relating to Social Capital. Such views are as of the date of such document only. “Social Capital,” “we,” “us” and “our” refer to a collective strategy developed by Chamath Palihapitiya, the founder and CEO of The Social+Capital Partnership, L.L.C. (“Social+Capital”), and used in connection with the SC GP/LP Funds and the Proprietary Capital. "SC GP/LP Funds” refers to the venture capital funds managed by Social+Capital. SC GP/LP Funds are not open to new investors. “Proprietary Capital” refers to investments made by Mr. Palihapitiya starting in 2019 through entities owned and controlled by him and related to the Social Capital strategy developed by him, other than those made through the SC GP/LP Funds. Proprietary Capital investments are made on an ongoing basis by Mr. Palihapitiya with cash on the balance sheet rather than commitments of limited partners. Social Capital, including Proprietary Capital, is not open to third party investors.