Ray Ko


Ray has been a Partner at Social Capital since 2013, responsible for Portfolio Success, driving growth within portfolio companies and helping incubations find product market fit.

Ray embeds deeply within product, analytics, and marketing teams of Social Capital’s invested companies to make them better. In our early stage funds, he’s engaged with companies that have netted a 7x Gross MOIC: $1.4B in realized gains on $200M in committed capital. A sample of these engagements include Slack, Intercom, Wave, and Remind. Ray also built and led the Platform team at Social Capital, which was responsible for productizing diligence tools such as the 8-ball, and building CaaS (Capital-As-A-Service), a sight unseen digital investment platform.

Prior to Social Capital, Ray was part of the original Growth team at Facebook, and oversaw analytics that drove adoption from 80M to 1B+ users globally. This led to formation of the broader product analytics and data science team that expanded responsibilities to all user facing products: Mobile, Messaging, Feed, Profile, Search, Photos, Platform, Groups, Privacy, etc. Across Social Capital and Facebook, Ray and Chamath have worked together for almost 15 years.

Ray graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford.