Jay Zaveri


Jay has been a Partner at Social Capital since 2015, where he is responsible for leading early-stage investments across seed and venture.

He is keenly focused in the areas of deep tech, biotechnology, climate science, and energy transition. On behalf of Social Capital, Jay has backed a number of important companies at the seed and early stage. He is a highly technical and thoughtful board member and advisor to founders and management teams, having served on the boards of more than a dozen innovative startups, including Swarm (acq. SpaceX in 2022), Aclima, UrbanFootprint, Relativity Space, Saildrone, and DroneSeed.

Prior to joining Social Capital, Jay was a three-time entrepreneur with two exits, most recently serving as the founder and Chief Product Officer of CouldOn (acq. DropBox in 2015).

Jay is originally from India where he studied Computer Science and Chemical Engineering at the University of Mumbai.