Empowering A New Breed of Investment Managers

The current model for identifying and empowering talent within traditional investment organizations is broken.


In 2021, Social Capital launched its Emerging Managers program (EM), which is designed to stake promising managers with an initial base of capital, investing infrastructure, and other resources needed to manage their own portfolio.

Social Capital’s EM platform offers three unique and compelling advantages:

Long-term capital commitment. In an industry where managers are scrutinized by day-to-day performance and risk losing capital commitments in a matter of weeks or months, Social Capital offers a three-year term to its EMs in good standing. With this peace of mind, EMs are empowered to think about their capital allocation strategies with a long-term view and an understanding that some strategies may have longer time horizons than others.

Best-in-class investing platform. In addition to the basic operational infrastructure and tools to manage a fund (e.g., trading systems, research, etc.), EMs benefit from a support system to collaborate and learn alongside Social Capital’s investing partners. EMs may also be tapped to assist with Social Capital’s new and existing investments and other projects.

Audited track record. Unlike most investment platforms, we empower EMs to own their track record during and after their time with Social Capital. We provide audited financials that managers are free and encouraged to take with them should they decide to raise outside capital.

Full terms can be found in our standard term sheet.